Policies & Standards

Governance: Policies and Standards

We set and implement numerous policies throughout our business to drive VF’s Purpose across the globe. We engage with external stakeholders to inform the development of our policies and provide training to VF’s associates and business partners when applicable.

VF Corporation

Code of Business Conduct

This Code and all relevant corporate policies apply to everyone who conducts business on behalf of VF, including associates and members of VF’s Board of Directors, regardless of seniority or location. We also expect our business partners to follow similar principles, and we aim to work only with those who meet our exacting standards.
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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Action Policy Statement

We are committed to building and maintaining a workplace that celebrates the diversity of our associates regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, world view, abilities, age, sexual orientation or identity and allowing them to bring their authentic selves to work every day.
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Respectful Workplace Policy

Our Respectful Workplace Policy outlines our commitment to respectful workplace environment standards and includes our policy against unlawful discrimination and our policy against harassment.
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Green Building Standards

Our owned and operated facilities contribute to VF's overall environmental impact and to our associates' health and productivity. VF’s Green Building Standards establish requirements for all VF owned and operated facilities across the enterprise.
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Human Rights Commitment

VF respects the fundamental human rights of anyone who engages in work or other activities connected to our business operations and supply chain. Our Human Rights Commitment is communicated to supply chain partners annually to reiterate that compliance is mandatory.
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Modern Slavery Act Disclosure Statement

At VF, our guiding principles are embedded in everything we do. We are committed to taking steps to end forced labor, whether in the form of human trafficking, indentured labor or otherwise. This statement outlines many of our efforts to eradicate forced labor from our direct supply chains.
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Responsible Recruitment & Anti-Forced Labor Commitment

VF Corporation prohibits the use of all forms of modern slavery, including forced labor, in all direct operations and all contracted operations of our supply chain. This Commitment is communicated to supply chain partners annually to reiterate that compliance is mandatory.
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Commitment to Eradicate Gender-Based Violence & Harassment

VF is committed to providing a safe environment for all employees, in all operations throughout our business. Everyone throughout our business has the right to be free from violence and harassment, including gender-based violence and harassment. This Commitment is communicated to supply chain partners annually to reiterate that compliance is mandatory. 
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Business Partners

Global Compliance Principles

Any supplier working with VF must adhere to the Global Compliance Principles included in our Terms of Engagement. These principles outline our expectations for how every business partner and supplier behaves and treats their workers. 
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Facility Standards

Based on our Global Compliance Principles, The Facility Standards are a step-by-step guide that provides direction for our global Factory Compliance Audit Program. This document is updated annually, providing clear requirements for our global audits.
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Terms of Engagement

Our Terms of Engagement govern our supplier relationships. The Terms include our policies on issues such as ethical standards and intellectual property rights so that our suppliers adhere to a single set of policies, despite cultural or legal differences. We require all suppliers to submit a signed Terms of Engagement document before they can begin work on behalf of our company. Updated May 2019.
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Factory Audit Procedures

VF’s Audit procedures are outlined to inform suppliers of VF’s auditing process, detailing that no production can take place in a facility until an inspection has taken place. Updated March 2023.
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North Korean Labor Prohibition

Goods acquired from Authorized Facilities may not consist of or contain, in whole or in part, materials, components or products from North Korea, including from any North Korean Special Economic Zone, and may not be wholly or partially assembled, processed, or manufactured in North Korea.
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XUAR Global Compliance

VF and its family of brands do not source products or any raw material from the XUAR region.
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Global Wastewater Standards

Our Global Wastewater Standards require suppliers to ensure the water used to produce our products is treated properly before returning it to the surrounding ecosystem and community. Supplier testing and sampling requirements are outlined in the Standards.
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VF Brand Products

Animal Derived Materials Policy   

Developed in consultation with Humane Society International, VF’s Animal Derived Materials policy applies to all VF brands and supply chain partners involved in the procurement, sourcing and manufacture of any products on behalf of our brands.
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Forest Derived Materials

In consultation with Canopy and Rainforest Alliance, we developed a Forest Derived Materials policy that covers the responsible sourcing of forest products used in our supply chain. This policy aims to prevent any contributions to deforestation or to the degradation of forest habitats.

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CHEM-IQ℠ Chemistry Innovation & Quality Program

The CHEM-IQ℠ Program seeks to achieve responsible chemical management throughout the supply chain and thereby improve workplace safety, environmental protection, and product quality. The success of the CHEM-IQ℠ Program depends upon open collaboration with our manufacturing partners and product designers. All partners receive regular education on the CHEM-IQ℠ program.
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CHEM-IQSubstances to Avoid List

VF utilizes the innovative CHEM-IQ program to eliminate prohibited chemical substances from VF’s global supply chain. The Substances to Avoid List (also known as a Manufacturing Restricted Substances List) is an integral part of VF’s chemical management program. Learn more about CHEM-IQ here.
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Restricted Substances List

Our Restricted Substance List (RSL) serves as the foundation for our actions to prevent unwanted chemicals from entering our supply chain and provides guidance to our suppliers for compliance with local, national and international laws on chemical management, use and disposal.
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Conflict Minerals Policy

In 2012, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission adopted rules intended to address the exploitation and trade of conflict minerals by armed groups to finance violent conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and neighboring African countries. We established a robust program to ensure compliance with these rules across our supply chain and are committed to sourcing materials from suppliers that align with our values on human rights, ethics and environmental responsibility.
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Cotton Fiber Sourcing

Our Cotton Fiber Sourcing Policy outlines VF’s requirements regarding the sourcing of cotton and details mandatory steps that all VF suppliers must take to track the origin and flow of material through each stage of their cotton supply chains.
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