Calvary FMC Newsletter

Published 6/5/18

Hello Calvary FMC Family!

This past month we had the privilege of honoring the ladies of the church with our Mother’s Day celebration. It was certainly an interesting text that I chose for this day as we looked at the Apostle Paul as both a ‘father’ (1 Thess 2:11) and ‘as a nursing mother’ (1 Thess 2:7). This now grizzled old man who had probably never fed a baby, much less changed a diaper, still looked upon himself as not only a father but also as a mother, indeed, a nursing mother! We saw that anyone can act as a parent to a child and recalled our own experiences of how many in the church had acted as a mother and father to us. What a difference that has made in my life, and what a difference we in turn can make in the life of this world’s spiritual orphans!

Very soon we will be celebrating Father’s Day. We will be looking in the Old Testament book of Genesis at those the scriptures call the patriarchs, the leading fathers of the Jewish nation. However, while these leaders exemplified many great qualities as both statesmen and fathers, they also had their flaws. One of the leading flaws was a heritage of deception which they passed on from generation to generation. As fathers, we must be so careful in what we pass on to our children. Fortunately we will see that God was able to bring even from their lies a glorious salvation.

This Father’s Day message from Genesis will also lead us into a series of messages from this much discussed book. We will return to the opening pages of the Bible to look at some key foundational truths regarding the Christian faith and our world. Come join us we look at creation, the fall, the flood and the call of Abraham.

Also join us for the regular activities listed below as well as many other exciting events at CFMC.

  • Adult Sunday school each Sunday @ 9:00 in the Living Room followed by fellowship time @ 10:00
  • Sunday worship @ 10:30
  • Study & Prayer–Wednesday nights @ 6:30
    • If you haven’t joined us in the past, or if you haven’t been with us in a while, I encourage you to join us! Wednesday’s are always a great time of inter-generational discipleship. Right now we are beginning a study on spiritual warfare.
  • Community Potluck–3rd Sunday of each month, following the service.
  • Serving Meals at the Hope Center the 2nd Wednesday of each month @ 5:00

Blessing on your week,

Pastor Brian