Calvary FMC Newsletter

Published 11/28/20

Merry Christmas Calvary and internet friends. I trust that you are doing well. It has certainly been a difficult year for most of us. But difficulties have brought some good changes as well. I have told a number of people that my mother had not heard me preach in years, but the move to on-line services has allowed her to hear many of my messages in this new way. We are again meeting in person and plan to continue to do so, but we also intend to continue to post the messages on the internet as yet one more way of endeavoring to spread the gospel.

My plan for upcoming services is to once again journey through a gospel, this time the gospel of Matthew. Last year we worked through the gospel of Mark and we began with the New Year and continued through Easter. However, as Matthew includes many of the birth stories of Jesus in the first two chapters, we will begin this time with services leading up to Christmas and continue once again through the Easter season.

As part of this study, I will be focusing on a number of signs regarding Jesus’ birth: the sign of the genealogy, the sign of the virgin birth, the sign of the star, the signs of the prophecies, and the signs of the dreams.

When we look at Jesus’ life, we will endeavor to look at those passages which are unique to Matthew, since Matthew includes many of the passages we have previously examined in our study of Mark.

As I say, we are currently meeting again in person so if you feel comfortable, join us for worship at 10:30. If not, perhaps you can join us from the internet via YouTube or our church Facebook page.

And very soon we hope that you will be able to join for these many other exciting events at CFMC.

  • Adult Sunday school each Sunday @ 9:00 in the Living Room followed by fellowship time @ 10:00
  • Study & Prayer–Wednesday nights @ 6:30
    • If you haven’t joined us in the past, or if you haven’t been with us in a while, I encourage you to join us! Wednesday’s are always a great time of inter-generational discipleship. Right now we are in the midst of a study on the life of the prophet Elijah.
  • Community Potluck–3rd Sunday of each month, following the service.
  • Serving Meals at the Hope Center the 2nd Wednesday of each month @ 5:00

Blessing on your week,

Pastor Brian