Calvary FMC Newsletter

Published 7/20/20

Hello Calvary Family.



For the past several weeks we have been studying the first epistle of Peter and we have continually heard him remind us of the need to be faithful even in the midst of great suffering. Now for the next several weeks we are going to look at a man who probably suffered as much for God as any man who ever lived, the prophet Jeremiah. God called this man from the very womb of his mother to proclaim his word and Jeremiah spent well over 40 years of his life remaining faithful to that calling despite the fierce opposition he faced not only from his nation but also from the very city in which he was born. Many endeavored to put him to death. The words of his prophecy were burned by the king. And he was cast into a muddy pit as punishment for his faithful proclamation. Nevertheless he remained true to his calling.

Jeremiah actually began his ministry in a relatively opportune time in Judah’s history. The power of the Assyrian nation that had destroyed the northern kingdom of Israel was waning and Babylon had yet to fully exhibit its might. This vacuum in power allowed Judah to break away for a time from its oppressors and regain some of its strength.

Moreover, while the years prior to Jeremiah’s birth were years when evil had multiplied in Judah under the wicked king Manasseh and his son Amon, now the boy king Josiah had come to power and under the tutelage of the high priest, Josiah sought to lead the nation back to God. Idols were destroyed and the book of the law was rediscovered in the Temple and Jeremiah was part of Josiah’s efforts to bring about a national revival.

Unfortunately, this movement of spiritual renewal only touched the surface of most lives and when Josiah was killed in battle, subsequent kings returned to the wicked ways of Josiah’s father and grandfather, leading the nation once again to worship foreign gods. Moreover, the vacuum of power that had existed in Josiah’s time was quickly filled with the rise of Babylon and Jeremiah’s prophecies of Judah’s destruction soon came to pass. But while Jeremiah’s words proved true and this man who was viewed as a traitor by his countrymen was vindicated, Jeremiah was still forced by the Jewish rebels to flee into Egypt where he, according to tradition, was martyred.

Thus, the lifetime of Jeremiah can be viewed as one of tragedy. It is no wonder that he is often referred to as ‘The Weeping Prophet.’ And yet, while this is true, we also see a message of hope in this book, centered largely in chapters 30-33. Jeremiah tells us in these chapters that God is going to restore Israel from her captivity and is going to establish a new covenant with his people. This new covenant will allow his people to truly obey him and it will be a covenant that will give them a much more personal relationship with him.

So we hope you can join us for this study in the life of the prophet Jeremiah as our own nation is going through a turbulent time much like the Biblical nation of Israel. We are currently meeting again in person so if you feel comfortable, join us for worship at 10:30. If not, perhaps you can join us from the internet via YouTube or our church Facebook page.

And very soon we hope that you will be able to join for these many other exciting events at CFMC.

  • Adult Sunday school each Sunday @ 9:00 in the Living Room followed by fellowship time @ 10:00
  • Study & Prayer–Wednesday nights @ 6:30
    • If you haven’t joined us in the past, or if you haven’t been with us in a while, I encourage you to join us! Wednesday’s are always a great time of inter-generational discipleship. Right now we are in the midst of a study on the life of the prophet Elijah.
  • Community Potluck–3rd Sunday of each month, following the service.
  • Serving Meals at the Hope Center the 2nd Wednesday of each month @ 5:00

Blessing on your week,

Pastor Brian