Calvary FMC Newsletter

Published 4/22/19

Hello Calvary FMC Family!

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fast approaching we turn our thoughts toward two characters from the books of First and Second Samuel.

In the book of First Samuel, we find a woman named Hannah longing for a child. Although married to a loving husband, this husband’s own desire for a child and an heir to carry on his family line has led him to marry a second wife. Peninnah does provide that heir to Hannah’s husband, Elkanah, but she will also provoke Hannah sorely and denigrates her for her own lack of children. Elkanah tries to be compassionate to Hannah but his own favoritism towards his first wife leads to jealousy and makes the situation worse. Indeed, on the family’s spiritual pilgrimages to Shiloh, Peninnah treats Hannah the worst for it is then that Elkanah gives Hannah a double portion from the sacrificial offering. To whom can Hannah turn? God himself we are told has shut Hannah’s womb. Unfortunately, the spiritual leaders of Israel are even more wicked than the people themselves. Elkanah does not fully understand, and Hannah’s spiritual leaders are a failure. Yet, in spite of the fact that God himself has closed Hannah’s womb, she will still seek the Lord in prayer and God will give her a child. Most surprising of all, however, is the fact that Hannah who has longed for this child for so long will now give this child back to the Lord to be raised amidst this family of priests who are so wicked, and despite the wickedness all around him this child will eventually grow up to become God’s instrument in the salvation of a nation.

Most know David as Israel’s greatest king. He is the one God himself chooses to rule because he is found to be ‘a man after His own heart’ (1 Samuel 13:14). Later kings are compared to David to see if they measured up to his ways or not. Yet we know that this great king had a terrible fall when he decided to have a relationship with another man’s wife, Bathsheba. And, to add to his sin and to cover up her resulting pregnancy by David, the king has her husband, Uriah, set up to be killed in battle. Nearly a year later, David thinks that he has gotten away with his crimes only to have a prophet named Nathan denounce him for his sin. In Psalm 51 we find David’s heartfelt petition for the Lord’s mercy, and God does indeed grant David mercy in that he is not killed. But while God forgives, we see that there remain many consequences to David’s transgression. The child David conceived with Bathsheba will die, and David’s sons will follow a dark path because of their father’s sin and his own failures to parent them correctly. This story certainly becomes a warning to us. This man, who is described with such high praise as ‘a man after His own heart,’ is overcome by his own lust and brings ruin to his family. And, because of his own past, we will see that he cannot adequately discipline or even properly love his own children.

We hope you can join us for these important character studies that will hopefully make us better parents as we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day together.

Yes come and join us for these important sermon series as well as many other exciting events at CFMC.

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    • If you haven’t joined us in the past, or if you haven’t been with us in a while, I encourage you to join us! Wednesday’s are always a great time of inter-generational discipleship. Right now we are in the midst of a study on the fruits of the Spirit.
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Blessing on your week,

Pastor Brian