The Pastor's Newsletter

December 1, 2021

Hello Calvary Free Methodist Church and friends of Calvary joining us via the internet. It is already December and we are fast approaching
the Christmas season. It has been my practice the past few years to endeavor to preach through one of the gospels in the New Testament, beginning at the Christmas season and proceeding on through Easter. In the past we have looked at the books of Mark and Matthew and we are taking the book of Luke for our focus this year.

The reason I have endeavored to make these studies is that it helps me (and I hope those who participate as well!) view Jesus’ life as a
unified whole. Christmas is the wonderful story of the birth of a little baby in Bethlehem, but that little baby of Bethlehem was born in order that he might eventually die on a cross at Easter time. We can often get so caught up in the joy of Jesus’ coming (as indeed we should!) but get caught up in that joy simply because we enjoy the story of the birth itself. But the writers of the New Testament remind us that there is a purpose to it all. For example, Luke tells us of the presentation of the baby Jesus in the Temple at the time of his circumcision. When the parents are entering the Temple to perform this rite, a man named Simeon takes the baby Jesus into his arms and declares that God has finally allowed him to see ‘Your salvation’ (2:30). But the great price of this salvation is hinted at to Jesus’ mother Mary in verse 35 when Simeon declares: ‘a sword will pierce even your own soul.’ This mother who is rejoicing in the birth of her baby will one day stand at the foot of the cross and watch this child being crucified. 

Studying the gospel over a course of many weeks allows us to see these connections more clearly. It allows us to see the growth of the disciples over the course of the years of Jesus’ ministry. It allows us to see the particular focus of the gospel writer. So, we hope you will come and join us as we proceed through the book. And, if you find the need to catch up, you can always find a link to our past sermons on our Sermons page.


Pastor Brian