Meet the Pastor

At an altar lined from one end to the other with young people I found Christ as my personal Savior on the closing night of what was at first intended to be a week-long revival. I was fortunate to not only be born again in a church where God’s Spirit frequently moved in such marvelous ways, but also blessed to receive encouragement and training in ministry by both pastors and lay people alike.  By the time I left for college, I had taught Sunday school, served as usher, become youth president, and worked as assistant to the treasurer.  During my college years I was even elected to the church board.  While a freshman at Purdue, my youth pastor provided me training in evangelism and together we were blessed by the Lord to lead several people to Christ.

As I searched for God’s direction for my life, there was a growing conviction that God was calling me into full-time Christian ministry and I entered God’s Bible College in Cincinnati to prepare for that calling.  It was there that I met my beautiful wife, Darla.  We were married just a few weeks after her graduation and started pastoring our first church just 2 weeks after that.  We have now pastored 3 churches full-time, served as a professor at Hobe Sound Bible College, and had time for 3 children in the midst of all that.  God has richly blessed us and we look forward to serving together at Calvary Free Methodist.

What We Believe

What We Believe as a Denomination


Mission & Values


Our Mission: Love God, Love People, Make Disciples

Our Vision: Calvary Free Methodist Church is a worship-filled and welcoming community