New Here?

New here“What should I expect when I visit Calvary FMC?”

Expect a blended worship style, biblical preaching, and an intergenerational and supportive community. We are a small, but growing community of believers who have experienced the power of Christ in our lives and strive towards wholeness and holiness. In addition to Sunday services, there are plenty of opportunities to get plugged in, from potlucks to small groups. For children, Calvary has special events, children’s church, and youth group activities.

“What will my first visit be like?”

Our growing community, seeks to dive deep into Scripture and live out transformed lives. During your first visit, we seek to welcome you into a genuine, diverse community of believers.

Perhaps churches you have visited in the past have seemed like a “clique” or members seemed hypocritical, perhaps you have been hurt by the church, or maybe you are just looking for the right community to get plugged into — whatever your background, we hope you will visit Calvary.  We are not perfect people, but we have experienced God’s power and transformation in our lives. Join us as we seek to mature in our relationships with Christ while we navigate life’s daily challenges and celebrations.

“What is the worship service like?”

A blended worship style and biblical preaching are two hallmarks of Calvary FMC services. This time of corporate worship and learning knits our community together, cultivating a foundation of formation. Every service has a time of prayer, where congregants are welcome to bring forth their burdens and praises. Communion is held once a month. You can also listen to Pastor Andy’s sermons by clicking here.

“Where do I take my kids?”

At Calvary, we believe its important for children to have a time of worship tailored for them, while at the same time being incorporated in the body of the church. That’s why we offer children’s church to four-year-olds through fifth graders.

Half way through the service, children are invited to go participate in a time of learning that is suited specifically for their age level. The nursery is always open to infants though three-year-olds. Children are also always welcome to stay in the service. On the first Sunday of the month, the children stay for the entire worship service.