I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited about this weekend! No, not for the Belmont Stakes (although it would be pretty awesome to see the first triple crown in over thirty years). I, and many others, have been talking about our upcoming SHAPE retreat this weekend for several weeks now. We’ve also been talking for several weeks now about spiritual gifts, and their purpose within the church of building up the body of Christ and expanding God’s Kingdom here on earth.

This weekend is really the culmination of this series (as well as lots of prayer, study, and preparation). We will gather Friday (6-9PM) and Saturday (8:30AM-3PM) at Francis Asbury Society in Wilmore (1580 Lexington Rd. Wilmore, KY 40390). Jason & Erin Owens will be leading us in worshiping through music, and we have a variety of teachers: Dustin & Megan Weber, Kasey Tinsley, and myself. We will explore how God has uniquely designed (SHAPEd) each of us for ministry. That’s right…we are all called to and designed for ministry, not just pastors.

Our Sunday worship service will then be a celebration and commissioning service for each of us to use the spiritual gifts, abilities, passions, personalities, and experiences God has given us.

And what I think is so awesome is that this Sunday is Pentecost Sunday—the day that the Church universal celebrates the sending of the Holy Spirit on the church, empower and gifting the church to continue Jesus’ working of building God’s Kingdom here on earth.

I praying for and expecting the Holy Spirit to fall on us in new ways this weekend. I would ask you to join in prayer for this weekend—that the Holy Spirit would speak and act, and that we each would be open to what the Holy Spirit wants to do in and through us. And I would also ask that you come expecting it to happen. Expect God to do something great. I think we may be on the cusp of something great hear at Calvary FMC. I hope we are ready for it. I know I’m excited and expectant!