This past Sunday began a series in which we will be going through the book of Nehemiah. This is an incredible Old Testament book that on the surface level speaks of a physical rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. But on a deeper level, Nehemiah contains the incredible story of God renewing and restoring his people—stirring up a spiritual awakening and recommitment to Him. Our series is titled along that major theme: When God Renews and Restores.

Throughout the coming weeks we will be going through the book of Nehemiah, and looking at different elements that are present and needed as God renews and restores. If you want to read along with us so you can be prepared for each Sunday’s sermon, here’s where we will be going each Sunday:

–          July 27th—Nehemiah 1:1—2:8

–          August 3rd—Nehemiah 2:9—3:32

–          August 10th—Nehemiah 4:1—7:3

–          August 17th—Nehemiah 7:4—8:18

–          August 24thSpecial Speaker

–          August 31st—Nehemiah 9:1—10:39

–          September 7th—Nehemiah 12:27—13:31

This week we began by looking at Nehemiah 1:1—2:8, and we saw that when God renews and restores He raises up prayer-filled leaders. Nehemiah was such a leader—he sought God’s face for renewal and restoration, going before the Lord day and night on behalf of his people and his city, Jerusalem.

Do you desire renewal and restoration in your life? In your church? In your neighborhood? In your city? Let’s seek God’s renewal and restoration together as we journey through this incredible story contained in the book of Nehemiah. And just a warning, when we seek him in this way, he will answer, and he will often use you to partner and work alongside Him in bringing that renewal and restoration. After all, that’s what he did with Nehemiah :).