Today’s Lenten Reading and Reflection comes fro Luke 9-10:

Luke 9:18-20

There are three types of people that Jesus interacts with.  The disciples, the crowds, and the Pharisees/Scribes/Religious Leaders  The disciples follow Jesus, they seek to be like him, they try to live like him.  The crowds are amazed by Jesus, they come to watch him from afar.  The Pharisees think they have it all together and seek first “keeping the rules” instead of following Jesus.  In this passage Jesus asks two questions.  He asks “Who do the crowds say that I am?”  Secondly he asks “But who do YOU say that I am –asking Peter, a disciple.

Which group of people do you most closely relate to? How would a disciple’s answer to the same question differ from the crowd and Pharisee? How would you answer Jesus if he asked you “Who AM I to YOU?”


Luke 9: 21-36

In these passages Jesus predicts his death to the disciples.  This would have been hard to swallow since they were expecting him to be their conquering Messiah, the long awaited One.  In what ways do you think the disciples were experiencing disappointment, even to the point of being offended by Jesus?

Jesus tells the disciples that if they are ashamed of his words (offended) then the Son of Man will be ashamed with them.

In what ways do you think the disciples were tempted to be ashamed of Jesus’ words?
Look closely at Luke 9: 35.  “And a voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is my Son, my Chosen One; LISTEN TO HIM”.

For Peter, John and James, what came after the temptation to be offended?  Who affirmed what Jesus was saying? 

Essentially Yawheh himself told them that Jesus was the real deal and gave them not only permission but directive to listen to Jesus even though his words were offensive.

Have you ever been offended by Jesus? Have you had the experience of Yaweh giving you permission to LISTEN to the hard words of Jesus?


Luke 9:57-62

What does it mean to follow Jesus? What did he tell the man who wanted to follow but wanted to first bury his father?  


Are there ways that your past is keeping you from following Jesus? Are there ways that you used to follow Jesus that are hindering you from following his directive for today?


Luke 10: 1-12

Why do you think Jesus says to pray for laborers? Have you ever prayed for laborers?

After Jesus instructs the disciples to earnestly pray to the Lord of the harvest for laborers he says “Go your way.”  How do you see this correlated to praying?  Do you think we might be an answer to our prayer as we pray for laborers?

The disciples are commanded by Jesus in Luke 10:9 to “heal the sick”. Is this a command for us today? In what ways have you seen or heard of people being prayed for and healed?

It says in Luke 10:1 that Jesus appointed seventy two to go to every town and place where he himself was about to go…Why do you think Jesus sent the seventy -two if he was going to those places anyway?


Luke 10: 25-37 Good Samaritan

In this parable, even the priest walked by the man and passed to the other side.

Have you ever withheld mercy or stopped short of action because you thought “Oh that’s the pastor’s job”?  In what ways does this passage show that loving our neighbor is our call just as much as a priest or pastor’s?

What is a time you showed mercy when it would have been easier to let someone else do it? In what ways have you truly seen someone in need and had compassion instead of turning a blind eye?


Luke 10:38-42

What is the one thing needed?

Martha suggests that Mary left her alone in order to listen to Jesus’ teachings. What have you had to intentionally leave in order to choose to sit at the feet of Jesus and listen to his teachings? What is the one thing needed?  What are ways you have chosen anxiety and busyness over listening to Jesus?