Today’s Lenten readings and reflections come from John 11-12:

Jason preached on John 11 two Sundays ago. This is an amazing story about Jesus restoring Lazarus
to life. But Lazarus being raised from the dead is different than Jesus’ resurrection. Lazarus would
eventually die again, whereas Jesus is resurrected and given a glorified body. In what ways does the
raising of Lazarus foreshadow Jesus’ resurrection? How is the resuscitation of Lazarus different than the
resurrection of Jesus? Why is the difference important?

In this past Sunday’s sermon we heard about the Triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. How was he
received? What strikes you about the Triumphal entry?

Jesus knew what the following week would hold for him—rejection, trial, death. With that in mind, what
do you think Jesus means in vv.25-26?